WWA-01. Interactive Web Application Platform for Projecting Climate and Drought Metrics into the 21st Century

We have developed several interactive online applications to quantify and visualize time series of different climate and climate-extreme metrics projected into the future under different climate scenarios for any location within the Contiguous United States. The poster will describe several R-shiny applications developed as part of research and data/tool development for the North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (NC CASC)’s Climate Science Support Platform (CSSP; https://nccasc.colorado.edu/climate-science-support-platform-cssp). The primary motivation behind developing these applications is to aid biologists and climate adaptation practitioners to better assess and anticipate ecological impacts in the context of climate change. Some of the applications that will be discussed include (i) Extremes in Evaporative Demand quantifying metrics such as Potential Evapotranspiration and Vapor Pressure Deficit; (ii) drought indices such as Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI), Standardized Precipitation and Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI), Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and Forest Drought Stress Index (FDSI); (iii) estimating snowfall and rainfall from total precipitation and (iv) grasslands productivity (for US Great Plains only). Most applications provide information for two datasets: (i) Observations from GRIDMET data (1979 - current), (ii) Future Projections based on 20 global climate models and 2 emission scenarios from MACA v2 GRIDMET data (1951 - 2099).