EO-05. How the CIRES Education & Outreach Program can Support you and Broaden the Impact of your Science

CIRES Education & Outreach connects science with educators, learners and communities. We strive to make research data accessible, inspire environmental action and empower curiosity and scientific engagement. We provide accessible, inclusive, high-quality environmental science curriculum and informal learning experiences, as well as meaningful professional and career development opportunities. The CIRES Education & Outreach Program supports CIRES and NOAA researchers in broadening the reach of their science. The CIRES E&O team includes extensive education expertise and is available for collaboration and consultation with CIRES scientists on broader impacts and education activities. Our team can assist in developing education and outreach plans, conducting project evaluation or educational research, and providing outreach and mentor training for scientists. Our team consists of curriculum developers, scientists, former classroom teachers, educators, evaluators, educational researchers, and a graphic designer, and is deeply embedded in the earth systems and polar science education community. Partnering with our team of professionals for the broader impact component of your next science proposal may give your proposal an edge in the competitive funding environment. In addition, CIRES E&O hosts a series of externally funded projects that offer engagement and mentoring opportunities. Thus, our team regularly offers opportunities for CIRES and NOAA researchers and early-career scientists to engage in outreach and education activities as expert reviewers, volunteers, presenters, and partners. Our projects benefit communities, teachers, students, and the public by providing research opportunities for students and educators, developing new research-based curriculum, initiating new dialogue, and providing access to the scientific enterprise. This poster showcases current CIRES E&O projects, ways to collaborate and partner and describes the expertise the CIRES E&O Program can bring to your project. For more about CIRES E&O and how to work with our team see http://cires.colorado.edu/outreach or contact Anne Gold at anne.u.gold@colorado.edu.