ADM-01. Global Sustainability Scholars – opportunities to engage the next generation sustainability science leaders.

Sustainability Science is among the fastest-growing applications of STEM disciplines (Bettencourt and Kaur 2011) and focuses on meeting the needs of future generations while reducing poverty and conserving the planet's life support systems (Kates 2011). Geosciences serve as a leading scientific discipline in identifying and supporting solutions to many of the highest impact global change challenges (Mooney et al. 2013), from ozone depletion and climate change to the fundamental scientific framing of both challenges and responses to global change. Whether it is shifting the climate target from 2 degrees to 1.5 or defining and framing the debates around the Anthropocene, the great acceleration, and planetary boundaries (Farman et al. 1985, Crutzen 2006, Rockström et al. 2009, Steffen et al. 2015, Rogelj and Knutti 2016), there is an urgent need for durable, inclusive solutions to increasingly pressing planetary challenges. This urgent need for innovative solutions, along with the critical importance of responses that are well-grounded in earth-system science creates twin calls to the geosciences community. First, greater diversity - the capacity of geosciences to contribute and lead, will depend on its ability to center principles of equity, equality, inclusion, and diversity in the core of its pursuit of knowledge (Ban 2014, Clark and Harley 2020), and critically, to represent the diversity of society within the discipline as a whole. Second, broader and deeper collaboration - global change is complex, pervasive, and dynamic (Steffen et al. 2015), requiring greater collaboration across scientific disciplines, geographies, and sectors of society (Mauser et al. 2013/9, Gibson et al. 2000). The Global Sustainability Scholars (GSS) program addresses both of these needs. GSS is training the next-generation of diverse international trans-disciplinary sustainability science leaders through a collaborative program that connects Scholars (undergraduates) and Fellows (early career post-graduates) with today's trans-disciplinary sustainability science leaders. We recruit and support rising U.S. scholars from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM and embed them in world premier international research collaborations focused on addressing pressing sustainability issues. To find out more about our program, how to get involved, or develop a partnership with us check out our website (, learn about the students involved and the projects and outcomes. Or contact. **This project is funded by NSF award #1740856 & #2054521