EO-07. PSECCO: A New Community Office for Supporting Early Career Scientists and Advancing Equity and Inclusion in the Polar Sciences

While the polar sciences offer unique opportunities for international, transdisciplinary research as well as connections with Indigenous knowledge systems, the US polar science community remains unrepresentative of the diversity of the country itself. While there are many reasons for this, including those familiar throughout STEM as well as the explicit historical exclusion of certain groups in polar science specifically, early career scientists in the polar community are driving efforts to broaden participation in polar research. The newly launched Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) seeks to empower, elevate and give agency to the early career polar scientists who are leading the charge to make the polar sciences more welcoming, inclusive and diverse. The office will foster community among early career polar scientists, provide funding, training and travel opportunities, partner with other organizations to share opportunities, resources and support leadership development, while working together towards a more just, inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible polar science environment. Launching in 2022, we invite all current and future polar scientists to join PSECCO in building community together.