ES-06. ICS-209-PLUS: An all-hazards dataset mined from the US National Incident Management System 1999–2020

The National Incident Management System/Incident Command System (NIMS/ICS) Incident Status Form captures detailed information on incident management costs/strategies, personnel, hazard characteristics, values at risk, fatalities, evacuations, and structural threat/damages. Most (98.4%) of the reports are fire-related, followed in decreasing order by other, hurricane, hazardous materials, flood, tornado, search and rescue, civil unrest, and winter storms. The archive, although publicly available has been difficult to use due to multiple record formats, inconsistent free-form fields and no support for high-level analysis. The ICS-209-PLUS dataset transforms the historical record (a total of 187,956 reports, for 35,174 incidents, including 34,418 wildfires) into a research grade dataset, including a new spatially aggregated data product. ICS-209-PLUS-WF (wildfire) connects to perimeter data through linkage with the Fire Events Delineated (FIRED) Database and Manufacturing Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) record. Linkage with the Fire Occurrence Database (FOD) provides information from the final fire report and connects with broader population of wildfires in the United States providing critical perspective on an important population of hazards and wildfires.