WCD-15. The Unified Forecast System (UFS) Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application and Workflow

The Unified Forecast System (UFS) Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application is intended to be used by both the operational and research communities for predictions of atmospheric phenomena on a limited spatial domain and on time scales from less than an hour out to several days. The SRW App uses the Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere (FV3) dynamic core with a limited area model (LAM) capability and includes a highly configurable workflow for running preprocessing, forecast, post-processing, and verification tasks as well as plotting capabilities. The first official version of the SRW App (v1.0) was publicly released in March 2021 with a virtual training that followed in September. Rapid development has continued since. In this presentation, we give an overview of the components of the SRW App, the capabilities of the accompanying workflow, and future development plans. We also provide information on how/where to download the SRW App, obtain support (officially available only for v1.0), and contribute to development. More detailed information is available on the UFS SRW App's umbrella repository URL at https://github.com/ufs-community/ufssrweather-app.