WCD-28. Ocean Web-based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tools (WRIT)

NOAA/PSL and CIRES/CU has created a set of Ocean Web-based Reanalysis Tools (WRIT). The tools are designed to allow users to easily examine and compare ocean reanalyses and observational data. Data can be examined and analyzed prior to potential downloading. Tools include a map interface which allows users to visualize the data via maps of means, anomalies, and climatologies of variables an vertical cross-sections of variables at depth. Users can average together multiple years/seasons and also create difference maps, and cross sections. There is a time-series tool to extract/plot time-series from the gridded fields and read ocean/atmospheric index time-series including for example Nino3.4, PDO, or station based tidal data. Users can compare time-series, compute statistics, and plot wavelets or autocorrelations. New features include looking at runs, sorting output, and examining extremes. There is also a correlation page which corre lates climate index time-series with ocean variables producing maps and vertical cross-sections. Users can upload their own time-series on the correlation and time-series pages for analysis and plotting. Finally there is a profile page which plots vertical profiles, transects, and time by depth plots of ocean analyses. Ocean variables include temperature, salinity, and u/v currents at depth. Single level variables include SST, heat flux, sea surface height, wind fluxes, bottom temperature, and ice. Reanalyses currently included are the NOAA/GODAS, ECWMF ORAS5, ECMWF ORA20C, NASA ECCO V4, GLORYS, SODA 3.4.2 and SODA 3.7.2, BRAN2020. Observational datasets include EN4 temperature/salinity observation and the NOAA OISST, ERSSTv5 and HadISST SST datasets and GPCP Precipitation. The tools are designed to be easy to use and provide output in multiple formats. Documentation provides links to the original datasets. The webpages are available at https://psl.noaa.gov/data/writ/