Rendezvous 2022

General Information:

The CIRES Members' Council is pleased to announce the 17th annual CIRES Rendezvous. This institute-wide symposium will take place on Friday, May 13th, 2022 with the aim of bringing awareness to the depth, breadth, and quality of the pacesetting science being done at CIRES. We hope to encourage collaborations that might result in new interdisciplinary research, and to facilitate connections among our many innovative scientists, science support staff, and administrative staff.

This half-day event includes an entire afternoon devoted to CIRES science and poster presentations; we encourage you to participate and present your research here.


UMC (lunch) and the tent to the south of the UMC (posters).


For those joining us virtual (see link below), please stay tuned between 12 & 12:15 for the welcome and start of Waleed’s presentation.  The start time is dependent upon the lunch service and how quickly people get through the line. Note: To use YouTube’s chat feature during the presentation, please view this stream with a non-CU google account.



Please allow some time to check-in before the festivities begin.

10:00am - 11:30am - Poster Setup 
11:00am - 11:25am - Check In
11:30 - 1:30pm - Luncheon / State of the Institute Address & Award 

     - Please Note:  The State of the Institute and Awards will be live streamed for our virtual audience.

1:30 - 4:30pm - Poster Session

Please Note: RSVP was required for the Luncheon, and is only open to CIRES employees and invited guests. The poster session is open to the public. Masks are optional for all CU Indoor venues.

Rendezvous is the highlight of annual events for CIRES in that it allows all of us to be together and to enjoy our collective and individual achievements. We look forward to seeing you there!

Poster Titles/ Authors and Abstracts

To view each poster's abstract, please click on the poster title. You can also navigate to a specific division's posters by using the Division Posters menu on the right.


ADM-01. Global Sustainability Scholars – opportunities to engage the next generation sustainability science leaders. - View Poster
Kirsten Rowell (CIRES), Malik Geraci (CIRES)

ADM-02. CIRES Administration has you covered! - View Poster
Waleed Abdalati (CIRES), Nathan Campbell (CIRES), Katy Human (CIRES), Angela Knight (CIRES), Gretchen Richard (CIRES), Christine Wiedinmyer (CIRES), Maggie Tolbert (CIRES)

ADM-05. Greenland in your classroom - New college-level curriculum combines polar field data, 360-degree immersive field experiences and geospatial technologies. - View Poster
Twila Moon (CIRES,NSIDC), Spruce Shoenemann (University of Montana Western), Alia Khan (Western Washington University), Anne Gold (CIRES), Yixiao Sophie Lei (NSIDC), Daniela Pennycook (CIRES), Emily Ward (CIRES)

ADM-06. Data Puzzles - Analyzing authentic data with inquiry-based instructional practices - View Poster
Jonathan Griffith (CIRES), Anne Gold (CIRES), Melissa Braaten (Education), Ami Nacu-Schmidt (CIRES)

ADM-07. What’s Happening in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at CIRES? - View Poster
Additional Resources
Susan M. Sullivan (CIRES), Mistia Zuckerman (NSIDC,CIRES), Tori McLeod (NSIDC,CIRES)

Cryospheric and Polar Processes Division

CPP-01. Building a NOAA Data Collection at the National Snow and Ice Data Center While Breaking the Researcher-Contributor Hesitancy Barrier - View Poster
Florence Fetterer (NSIDC), Ann Windnagel (NSIDC), Jennifer Roebuck (NSIDC)

CPP-02. Daily snow and ice data from NOAA@NSIDC: The value of user engagement, support and feedback - View Poster
Jennifer Roebuck (NSIDC), Florence Fetterer (NSIDC), Ann Windnagel (NSIDC)

CPP-03. Removing Barriers in Greenland-focused research and exploration via QGreenland - View Poster
Hope Simonoko, Twila Moon, Matt Fisher, Trey Stafford (NSIDC)

CPP-04. Geothermal Heat Flux Estimation Across Antarctica and Its Implication for Ice-bedrock Interface Condition - View Poster
Additional Resources
Shane Zhang (CIRES,Department of Physics), Michael Ritzwoller (Department of Physics)

CPP-05. A Summary of the Global Glacier Landscape: The Largest Glaciers in the 19 Glacial Regions of the World - View Poster
Ann Windnagel (NSIDC), Michael Zemp (WGMS)

CPP-06. Looking back, looking ahead: The ELOKA program at 15+ years - View Poster
Betsy Sheffield (NSIDC), Noor Johnson (NSIDC), Matthew Druckenmiller (NSIDC), Brendan Billingsley (NSIDC), Agnieszka Gautier (NSIDC)

CPP-07. Feature extraction of ArcticDEM and its application on mapping permafrost disturbance - View Poster
Lingcao Huang (CIRES,NSIDC), Michael Willis (CIRES), Kevin Schaefer (CIRES,NSIDC), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES)

CPP-08. Building Trusted Satellite Passive Microwave Data Sets: New Advancements in Calibrated, Enhanced-Resolution Brightness Temperatures for Cryospheric Applications - View Poster
Additional Resources
Mary J. Brodzik (NSIDC), Molly A. Hardman (NSIDC), David G. Long (Brigham Young University), Joan M. Ramage (Lehigh University), JZ Miller (CIRES)

CPP-09. Observations of Seasonal Changes in the Arctic Energy Budget - View Poster
Jonah Shaw (CIRES), Jennifer Kay (CIRES)

CPP-10. Meteorological Drivers of Arctic Rain-on-Snow Events and How Climate Change May Influence Associated Risks - View Poster
Jessica Voveris (CIRES), Mark Serreze (CIRES)

CPP-11. Comparison of long-term hemispheric and regional sea ice extent trends from passive microwave sea ice climate records - View Poster
Additional Resources
Walter N. Meier (NSIDC), J. Scott Stewart (NSIDC), Ann Windnagel (NSIDC), Florence Fetterer (NSIDC)

CPP-12. Investigating potential triggers for the Larsen B fast ice break-up event and the initial glacier response - View Poster
Naomi Ochwat (CIRES), Ted Scambos (CIRES), Sarah Child (CIRES), Alison Banwell (CIRES), Mike Willis (CIRES)

CPP-15. A Study of Intermittent Turbulence in Stable Arctic Boundary Layers - View Poster
Brian Butterworth (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Gijs de Boer (CIRES,NOAA/PSL)

CPP-16. Surface elevation change of the outlet glaciers flowing into the former Larsen A and B Ice Shelves using 60 year old trimetrogon aerial imagery
Sarah Child (CIRES), Ted Scambos (CIRES)

CPP-17. An Analysis of Snowpack Temperature, Density, and Cold Content across the US West from the Repurposed USGS RMS Dataset - View Poster
Jeffrey Schmidt (CIRES,CU Boulder Department of Geography), Dr. Marc C. Serreze (CIRES)

Ecosystem Science Division

ES-01. How to avoid traffic jams in urban biodiversity corridors - View Poster
Ty Tuff (CIRES), Andrew Gonzalez (Mcgill University)

ES-02. Double Trouble: Addressing the intersection of invasive species and climate change through the RISCC Network - View Poster
Elizabeth Woolner (CIRES,Earth Lab), Chelsea Nagy (CIRES,Earth Lab), Jennifer K. Balch (CIRES,Earth Lab), Isabel de Silva (CU EBIO), Wynne Moss (Conservation Science Partners), Melanie Berger (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry), Nicole Read (USGS; Reed College), Bethany A. Bradley (UMass Amherst; NE RISCC)

ES-03. Western US forest vegetation recovery under compound disturbances - View Poster
Nayani Ilangakoon (CIRES,Earth Lab), Jennifer Balch (CIRES), Chelsea R. Nagy (CIRES), Virginia Iglesias (CIRES)

ES-06. ICS-209-PLUS: An all-hazards dataset mined from the US National Incident Management System 1999–2020 - View Poster
Lise St Denis (CIRES)

Education Outreach Program

EO-01. We are Water: Connecting Communities - View Poster
Patricia Montaño (CIRES), Anne Gold (CIRES), Megan Littrell (CIRES), Brigitta Rongstad (CIRES), Christine Okochi (CIRES), Katie Boyd (CIRES), Ami Nacu-Schmidt (CIRES), Casey Marsh (CIRES), Benét Duncan (CIRES)

EO-02. The Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) - View Poster
Additional Resources
Gina Fiorile (CIRES), Kathryn Boyd (CIRES), Anne Gold (CIRES), Alicia Christensen (CIRES), Casey Marsh (CIRES), Daniela Pennycook (CIRES), Naomi Ochwat (CIRES), Sean Fox (Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College), Monica Bruckner (Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College), Frank Niepold (NOAA, Climate Program Office)

EO-03. Attracting Students into Science: Mentor for a Summer Student Research Program for Community College Students - View Poster
Alicia Christensen (CIRES), Christine Okochi (CIRES), Rebecca Batchelor (CIRES), Anne Gold (CIRES)

EO-04. Does Science Communication Style Impact Engagement with Hispanic and Latinx Adults? - View Poster
Annareli Morales (CIRES,NCAR/UCAR,NOAA/PSL), Lorena Medina Luna (NCAR/UCAR), Daniel Zietlow (NCAR/UCAR), Jennifer LeBeau (JBurton Consulting), Maria Molina (NCAR/UCAR,University of Maryland)

EO-05. How the CIRES Education & Outreach Program can Support you and Broaden the Impact of your Science - View Poster
Anne Gold (CIRES), Rebecca Batchelor (CIRES), Kathryn Boyd (CIRES), Alicia Christensen (CIRES), Mariama Dryak (CIRES), Jonathan Griffith (CIRES), Gina Fiorile (CIRES), Megan Littrell (CIRES), Casey Marsh (CIRES), Patricia Montaño (CIRES), Lianna Nixon (CIRES), Ami Nacu-Schmidt (CIRES), Naomi Ochwat (CIRES), Christine Okochi (CIRES), Hilary Peddicord (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Daniela Pennycook (CIRES), Brigitta Rongstad (CIRES), Katya Schloesser (CIRES), Alyse Thurber (CIRES), Emily Ward (CIRES), Shilpi Gupta (CIRES / NOAA), Alexander Kist (CIRES / NOAA), Beth Russell (Wehe) (CIRES / NOAA)

EO-06. Creating Authentic Opportunities for Students to Engage with their Community to Build Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Rural Colorado - View Poster
Additional Resources
Katya Schloesser (CIRES), Alicia Christensen (CIRES), Anne U. Gold (CIRES), Megan K. Littrell (CIRES), Kathryn Boyd (CIRES), Daniela Pennycook (CIRES), Christine Okochi (CIRES)

EO-07. PSECCO: A New Community Office for Supporting Early Career Scientists and Advancing Equity and Inclusion in the Polar Sciences - View Poster
Mariama C. Dryak (CIRES,INSTAAR), Rebecca Batchelor (CIRES), Bradley Markle (INSTAAR), Anne Gold (CIRES)

EO-08. NOAA SOS Explorer's Quest Towards Creating a Data Visualization Toolbox for Teachers - View Poster
Hilary Peddicord (CIRES), Kathryn Semmens (Nurture Nature Center), Jessica Sickler (J Sickler Consulting), Keri Maxfield (Nurture Nature Center), Randy Kochevar (Education Development Center Oceans of Data Institute), Amy Busey (Education Development Center Oceans of Data Institute), Rachel Hogan (Nurture Nature Center)

EO-09. The Drifting North Polar Planetarium Experience, engaging middle and high school students with the MOSAiC Expedition - View Poster
Daniela Pennycook (CIRES), Jonathan Griffith (CIRES), Anne Gold (CIRES), Mathew Shupe (CIRES), Katy Human (CIRES), Amy Lauren (CIRES), Lianna Nixon (CIRES), Briana Ingermann (Fiske), Nina Byers (Fiske), Ian Geraghty (CIRES), Jackson Jandreau (CIRES), John Keller (Fiske)

Environmental Chemistry Division

EC-01. Retrieval of perchlorate and other new aerosol species from mass spectra measured by Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometers (AMS) during previous aircraft missions around the globe - View Poster
Dongwook Kim (CIRES)

EC-02. Surface Solar Irradiance in Complex Cloud-Aerosol Environments - View Poster
Jake Gristey (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Graham Feingold (NOAA/CSL), Sebastian Schmidt (LASP, University of Colorado), Hong Chen (LASP, University of Colorado), ()

EC-03. Chemical Heterogeneity in Wildfire Plumes: Implications for Large-Scale Models and Satellites - View Poster
Additional Resources
Siyuan Wang (CIRES,NOAA/CSL)

EC-04. Optical Studies of Formation of Brown Carbon - View Poster
Zach Schiffman (CIRES), Kevin Jansen (CIRES), Margaret Tolbert (CIRES)

EC-05. Aqueous Pyruvic Acid: Insights from Surface and Bulk Vibrational Spectroscopy - View Poster
Rebecca Michelsen (CIRES,Randolph-Macon College), Benjamin Frandsen (CU Boulder), Margaret Tolbert (CIRES,CU Boulder), Veronica Vaida (CIRES,CU Boulder)

EC-06. A comparison of ambient measurements of NOx, CO, O3, and PM2.5 during the COVID-19 pandemic with a climatological multiple linear regression model for various U.S. cities - View Poster
Jeff Peischl (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Kenneth C. Aikin (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Brian C. McDonald (NOAA/CSL), Owen R. Cooper (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Kai-Lan Chang (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Andrew O. Langford (NOAA/CSL), Ann M. Middlebrook (NOAA/CSL), Steven S. Brown (NOAA/CSL)

EC-07. Mid-latitude ozone depletion and air quality impacts from industrial halogen emissions: aircraft measurements in the Great Salt Lake Basin - View Poster
Caroline Womack (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Wyndom Chace (CIRES), Dorothy Fibiger (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Lexie Goldberger (University of Washington), Ben Lee (University of Washington), Joel Thornton (University of Washington), Steve Brown (NOAA/CSL), John Lin (University of Utah), Erin McDuffie (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Alessandro Franchin (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Ann Middlebrook (NOAA/CSL), Alexander Moravek (University of Toronto), Jennifer Murphy (University of Toronto), J. Andrew Neuman (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Patrick Veres (NOAA/CSL), Munkhbayar Baasandorj (University of Utah)

EC-08. Physical science checkpoints and exit ramps for marine cloud brightening research: What to study, when to stop? - View Poster
Additional Resources
Michael S. Diamond (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Graham Feingold (NOAA/CSL)

EC-09. Using observations of Western U.S. wildfire smoke to improve fire emissions in air quality forecasting models - View Poster
Megan M. Bela (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Johana Romero-Alvarez (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Barry Baker (NOAA Air Resources Laboratory), Ilann Bourgeois (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Patrick Campbell (NOAA Air Resources Laboratory), Hyun Deok Choi (National Institute of Aerospace), Matthew Coggon (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Colin Harkins (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Emily Gargulinski (National Institute of Aerospace), Georgios Gkatzelis (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Jian He (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Eric James (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA/NESDIS), Meng Li (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Fangjun Li (South Dakota State University)

EC-10. Professor Sievers' Field of Dreams - View Poster
Additional Resources
Randall Shearer (CIRES)

EC-11. Chamber Studies of Volatile Chemical Product Oxidation: The CSU-NOAA SCENTS Study - View Poster
Alison Piasecki (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Matthew Coggon (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Chelsea Stockwell (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Lu Xu (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Ann Middlebrook (NOAA/CSL), The SCENTS Team (NOAA/CSL,CSU)

EC-13. Submicron Particle Composition and Acidity in Fire Plumes during FIREX-AQ aircraft study - View Poster
Hongyu Guo (CIRES), Pedro Campuzano-Jost (CIRES), Demetrios Pagonis (CIRES,Weber State University), Melinda K. Schueneman (CIRES), Douglas A. Day (CIRES), Benjamin A. Nault (CIRES,Aerodyne Inc.), Dongwook Kim (CIRES), Kyla S.A. Siemens (Purdue Univ.), Jack E. Dibb (Univ. of New Hampshire), Joseph. M. Katich (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Armin Wisthaler (University of Oslo, Universität Innsbruck), Amber J. Soja (NASA,National Institute of Aerospace), Paul O. Wennberg (Caltech), Lu Xu (CIRES,NOAA/CSL,Caltech), Alexander Laskin (Purdue Univ.), Jose L. Jimenez (CIRES)

EC-14. Emissions and Chemistry of Volatile Chemical Products in Los Angeles Basin - View Poster
Lu Xu (NOAA/CSL), SUNVEx Science Team (NOAA/CSL)

EC-15. Measurements of VOCs in Homes Impacted by Smoke from the Marshall Fire - View Poster
William Dresser (CIRES), Alex Bradley (CIRES), Joost de Gouw (CIRES,Department of Chemistry, CU Boulder)

EC-16. On the geographical uniqueness of meteorological covariability in affecting low cloud albedo susceptibility - View Poster
Jianhao Zhang (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Graham Feingold (NOAA/CSL)

EC-17. Introducing AMATI, a new tool for rapid thermodynamic calculations on large field datasets - View Poster
Pedro Campuzano-Jost (CIRES), Donna Sueper (CIRES,Aerodyne Inc), Simon Clegg (University of East Angia), Benjamin Nault (Aerodyne Inc.), Hongyu Guo (CIRES), Jose-Luis Jimenez (CIRES)

EC-19. New directions in the measurements of organic nitrates: field observations and lab studies - View Poster
Michael A. Robinson (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), J. Andrew Neuman (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Patrick R. Veres (NOAA/CSL), James M. Roberts (NOAA/CSL), Lu Xu (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Matthew M. Coggon (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Chelsea Stockwell (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Carsten Warneke (NOAA/CSL)

EC-20. Henry's Law Partitioning and Setschenow Salting Constants of 1,2-ISOPOOH in Aqueous Solutions Containing Ammonium Sulfate and Sodium Oxalate - View Poster
Andrea Wagner (CIRES), Randall Chiu (CIRES), Joey D'Alesio (CIRES), Paul Ziemann (CIRES), Rainer Volkamer (CIRES)

EC-21. Atmospheric boundary layer wind profile from a Doppler lidar using an optimal estimation method - View Poster
Sunil Baidar (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Dave Turner (NOAA/GSL), Tim Wagner (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Alan Brewer (NOAA/CSL)

EC-22. Evolution of Light Absorption of Brown Carbon Aerosol following Ozonolysis - View Poster
Kevin Jansen (CIRES), Eleanor Browne (CIRES), Margaret A. Tolbert (CIRES)

EC-23. The Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on Archean Sulfur and Haze Aerosol - View Poster
Nathan W. Reed (CIRES), Boswell A. Wing (), Margaret A. Tolbert (CIRES), Eleanor C. Browne ()

EC-24. Tropical tropospheric ozone distribution and trends - View Poster
Audrey Gaudel (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Meng Li (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Ilann Bourgeois (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Owen Cooper (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Kai-Lan Chang (CIRES,NOAA/CSL)

EC-25. Global emissions of HCFC-141b have been rising since 2017 - View Poster
Luke Western (NOAA/GML,School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK ), Steve Montzka (NOAA/GML), Lei Hu (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Isaac Vimont (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Carolina Siso (CIRES,NOAA/GML), AGAGE (Advanced Global Atmospheric Gas Experiment Scientists with various affiliations), Lambert Kuijpers (A/gent b.v. Consultancy, Venlo, Netherlands), Christina Theodoridi (Natural Resources Defense Council, USA)

EC-26. Identification of chemical trends in ambient ion composition using Positive Matrix Factorization and Resolution-Enhanced Kendrick Mass Defect analysis - View Poster
Daniel Katz (CIRES,Chemistry), Aroob Abdelhamid (CIRES,Chemistry), Eleanor Browne (CIRES,Chemistry)

EC-27. Measurement and Model Evaluation of N2O5 Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere - View Poster
Gordon A. Novak (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Steven S. Brown (NOAA/CSL), Patrick R. Veres (NOAA/CSL), J. Andrew Neuman (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Andrew W. Rollins (NOAA/CSL), Martin Breitenlechner (NOAA/CSL)

EC-28. A Third-Generation Electron Capture Gas Chromatograph System for the Analysis of Ozone-Depleting Chemical in Flask-Air Samples. - View Poster
David Nance (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Fred Moore (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Geoff Dutton (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Matthew Gentry (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Bradley Hall (NOAA/GML), Stephen Montzka (NOAA/GML)

EC-29. Polymer Sorption of VOCs for Indoor Air Quality and Atmospheric Sampling - View Poster
Melissa A. Morris (CIRES)

EC-30. Reactive nitrogen and ozone spatial distributions in two Southwestern U.S. cities - View Poster
Kristen Zuraski (CIRES,NOAA/CSL)

EC-31. A versatile chemical ionization mass spectrometer for stratospheric research - View Poster
Martin Breitenlechner (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Gordon Novak (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Andy Neuman (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Andrew Rollins (NOAA/CSL), Patrick Veres (NOAA/CSL)

Environmental Observations, Modeling and Forecasting Division

EOMF-01. Using integrated DInSAR+GNSS time series and synthetic surface deformation models for volcanic early warning systems - View Poster
Brianna Corsa (CIRES), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES), Chuck Meertens (CIRES)

EOMF-02. Modeling the relationship between changing terrestrial water storage and seismicity - View Poster
Quelyn Bekkering (CIRES), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES), R. Steven Nerem (CIRES), Ben Livneh (CIRES)

EOMF-03. Capability of NOAA's Global Aerosol Forecast Models of GEFS-Aerosols and UFS-Aerosols - View Poster
Li Zhang (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Georg A. Grell (NOAA/GSL), Partha S. Bhattacharjee (I.M. Systems Group at NCEP/NWS/EMC), Raffaele Montuoro (NOAA/EMC), Barry Baker (NOAA/ARL), Li Pan (I.M. Systems Group at NCEP/NWS/EMC), Siyuan Wang (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Jian He (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Gregory J. Frost (CIRES,NOAA/CSL,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Jeff McQueen (NOAA/EMC), Judy Henderson (NOAA/GSL), Ivanka Stajner (NOAA/EMC), Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA/NESDIS )

EOMF-04. Discovering Historical Tsunami Data Through Time-Lapse Animation - View Poster
Additional Resources
Lindsey Wright (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Jesse Varner (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Nicolas Arcos (NOAA/NCEI), Kelly Stroker (NOAA/NCEI), Trinity Foreman (NOAA/NCEI,ICMS)

EOMF-05. Interactions between thresholds and spatial discretizations of snow: lessons-learned from a wolverine habitat assessment - View Poster
Justin Pflug (CIRES), Ben Livneh (CIRES), Yiwen Fang (UCLA), Steven Margulis (UCLA)

EOMF-06. Exploring near-Earth magnetospheric field asymmetries - View Poster
Martin Fillion (CIRES), Arnaud Chulliat (CIRES), Patrick Alken (CIRES)

EOMF-07. ETOPO 2022: An Updated NOAA Global Relief Model - View Poster
MacFerrin, Michael J (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Amante, Christopher (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Stroker, Kelly (NOAA/NCEI), Carignan, Kelly (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Love, Matthew (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Lim, Elliot (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-08. Coupling RRFS to a NWM configuration of WRF-Hydro and Evaluating Warm Season Convective Forecasts - View Poster
Jason M. English (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Dan Rosen (NCAR/UCAR), David J. Gochis (NCAR/UCAR), Terra Ladwig (NOAA/GSL), Ryan Cabell (NCAR/UCAR), Rocky Dunlap (NCAR/UCAR), Curtis Alexander (NOAA/GSL)

EOMF-09. The impact of different configurations on forecasting extreme events with the Unified Forecast System - View Poster
Linlin Pan (CIRES,NOAA/GSL,DTC), Dom Heinzeller (CIRES,NOAA/GSL,DTC), Ligia Bernardet (NOAA/GSL,DTC), Xia Sun (CIRES,NOAA/GSL,DTC), John Brown (NOAA/GSL)

EOMF-10. A novel, low-cost analytical method measuring high-resolution vertical profiles of stratospheric trace gases - View Poster
Jianghanyang Li (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Bianca Baier (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Fred Moore (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Tim Newberger (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Sonja Wolter (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Jack Higgs (NOAA/GML), Bradley Hall (NOAA/GML), Colm Sweeney (NOAA/GML)

EOMF-11. A CCPP implementation to provide aerosol emissions for aerosol-aware precipitation physics in the NOAA UFS Weather Model - View Poster
Haiqin Li (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Hannah Barnes (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Georg. A. Grell (NOAA/GSL), Li Zhang (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Shan Sun (NOAA/GSL), Jordan Schnell (CIRES,NOAA/GSL)

EOMF-12. Science-Quality GOES X-Ray Measurements and Implications for Solar Flare Research - View Poster
Courtney Peck (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Janet Machol (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Stefan Codrescu (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Erika Zetterlund (), Laurel Rachmeler (NOAA/NCEI), Rodney Viereck (CIRES,NOAA/SWPC)

EOMF-13. Advancing understanding of plant-drought interactions in North American ecosystems - View Poster
Aleya Kaushik (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Katherine Haynes (CSU), Ian Baker (CSU), Lori Bruhwiler (NOAA/GML), Linda Kooijmans (Wageningen U), John B. Miller (NOAA/GML)

EOMF-14. Continuously Updated Digital Elevation Models (CUDEMs) supporting coastal inundation modeling programs - Current Status and Future Plans - View Poster
Kelly Carignan (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Kelly Stroker (NOAA/NCEI), Christopher Amante (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Matthew Love (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Michael MacFerrin (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Elliot Lim (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Nic Arcos (NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-15. Surprising Results of Sensible Heat and Meteoric Na Fluxes in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Measured by Lidar at McMurdo, Antarctica - View Poster
Xinzhao Chu (CIRES), Chester S. Gardner (University of Illinois), Xianxin Li (CIRES), Cissi Lin (CIRES)

EOMF-16. Analysis of Updraft Characteristics from a Micro-pulsed Doppler Lidar During FIREX-AQ - View Poster
Edward Strobach (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Alan Brewer (NOAA/CSL), Amanda Makowiecki (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Brandi McCarty (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Robert Banta (CIRES,NOAA/CSL)

EOMF-17. New observations from the Solar and Galactic Proton Sensor (SGPS), flown on-board NOAA's GOES-R series spacecraft - View Poster
Brian T. Kress (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Juan V. Rodriguez (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Athanasios Boudouridis (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-18. CrowdMag citizen-science apps for Space Weather detection - View Poster
Additional Resources
Manoj Nair (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Rick Saltus (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Nir Boneh (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Lily Young (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Brian Olson (Schlumberger), Judith Bergfalk (LASP), Anastasia Morgan (LASP)

EOMF-19. Cloud Reprocessing of the Solar UltraViolet Imager Data from GOES-16 and -17 - View Poster
Allyssa Riley (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Chris Bethge (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Dan Seaton (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI,SWRI), Jon Darnel (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-20. Angularly-resolved measurements of light scattering by smoke from wildfires during FIREX-AQ - View Poster
Additional Resources
Adam T. Ahern (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Nicholas L. Wagner (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Charles A. Brock (NOAA/CSL), Ming Lyu (U. Alberta), Richard H. Moore (NASA), Elizabeth B. Wiggins (NASA), Edward L. Winstead (NASA), Claire E. Robinson (NASA), Daniel M. Murphy (NOAA/CSL)

EOMF-22. Modern Map Viewers at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information - View Poster
Additional Resources
Jesse Varner (CIRES)

EOMF-24. Improved Constraints on Global Methane Emissions and Sinks Using Stable Carbon Isotopes of Methane - View Poster
Additional Resources
Xin Lan (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Sourish Basu (NASA,University of Maryland), Stefan Schwietzke (CIRES,Environmental Defense Fund), Lori Bruhwiler (NOAA/GML), Edward Dlugokencky (NOAA/GML), Sylvia Michel (NOAA/GML,CU INSTAAR), Owen Sherwood (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada), Pieter Tans (NOAA/GML), Kirk Thoning (NOAA/GML), Giuseppe Etiope (8Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy), Qianlai Zhuang (Purdue University), Youmi Oh (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Licheng Liu (Purdue University), John Miller (NOAA/GML), Gabrielle Petron (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Bruce Vaughn (CU INSTAAR)

EOMF-25. Experimental Air Quality Forecasting with the Rapid-Refresh Model Coupled to Chemistry (RAP-Chem) - View Poster
Additional Resources
Jordan L. Schnell (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Gregory Frost (NOAA/CSL), Brian McDonald (NOAA/CSL), Megan M. Bela (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Rebecca Schwantes (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Barry Baker (NOAA/ARL), Joseph B. Olson (NOAA/GSL), Brian Jamison (NOAA/GSL), R. Bradley Pierce (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Matthew Coggon (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Colin Harkins (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Wayne Angevine (NOAA/CSL), Eric James (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Georg A. Grell (NOAA/GSL)

EOMF-26. Identifying global landslides using satellite imagery and machine learning in GEE with SLID - View Poster
Teodora Mitroi (CIRES), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES), Michael Willis (CIRES)

EOMF-27. Analyzing Lidar Observations over McMurdo, Antarctica to Investigate Vertical Development of Gravity Wave Energy in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere - View Poster
Jackson Jandreau (CIRES), Xinzhao Chu (CIRES)

EOMF-28. Doppler Lidar Measurements from the NOAA Twin Otter using a Hemispheric Scanner - View Poster
Amanda Makowiecki (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), MIchael Zucker (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Maxwell Holloway (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), W. Alan Brewer (NOAA/CSL)

EOMF-29. Leveraging ICESat-2 and Landsat satellites for global-scale reconstruction of lake water levels over decadal scales - View Poster
Fangfang Yao (CIRES), Ben Livneh (CIRES), Balaji Rajagopalan (CIRES)

EOMF-30. First Characterization of Seasonal Variations of Thermosphere-Ionosphere Na (TINa) Layers through All 12 Months Using 7 Years of Lidar Observations over Boulder - View Poster
Additional Resources
Yingfei Chen (CIRES), Xinzhao Chu (CIRES)

EOMF-32. Updated Trends of the Stratospheric Ozone Vertical Distribution at Select NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory Dobson Monitoring Stations Based on the LOTUS Regression Model - View Poster
Peter Effertz (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Irina Petropavlovskikh (CIRES,NOAA/GML), Jeannette Wild (NOAA/CPC), Glen McConville (CIRES,NOAA/GML)

EOMF-33. Gravity Wave Properties from the Ground to the Thermosphere at McMurdo, Antarctica - View Poster
Ian Geraghty (CIRES), Xinzhao Chu (CIRES)

EOMF-34. How Trackline Geophysics is Exploring the Cloud with Feet on the Ground - View Poster
Jordan Schweizer (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Brian Meyer (NOAA/NCEI), Chris Slater (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Peemin Chen (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-35. GIS Innovations to Improve Visualization of and Access to NOAA Ocean Exploration Data - View Poster
Additional Resources
Caitlin Ruby (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Jesse Varner (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Finn Dahl (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Jordan Schweizer (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Barry Eakins (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-36. Centralized Data Repositories: NOAA’s National Archives for Marine Acoustic Data - View Poster
Veronica Martinez (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Elizabeth Jimenez (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Charles Anderson (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Carrie Wall (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

EOMF-37. Multi-Event Study on the Connection Between Subauroral Polarization Streams and Deep Energetic Particle Injections in the Inner Magnetosphere - View Poster
Sam Califf (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), H. Zhao (Auburn University), M. Gkioulidou (JHU-APL), J. Manweiler (Fundamental Technologies LLC), D. Mitchell (JHU-APL), S. Tian (University of Minnesota)

EOMF-38. A Study of PMC Variability Using 10 years of Lidar and CIPS Observations of PMCs in Antarctica - View Poster
Arunima Prakash (CIRES), Xinzhao Chu (CIRES), V. Lynn Harvey (LASP), Cora E Randall (LASP), Jackson Jandreau (CIRES)

Solid Earth Sciences Division

SES-01. Understanding Wastewater Disposal and Induced Earthquakes with an InSAR Time Series Analysis of the Raton Basin, Colorado & New Mexico - View Poster
Additional Resources
Elizabeth A. Menezes (CIRES,GEOL), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES,GEOL), Anne Sheehan (CIRES,GEOL), Shemin Ge (GEOL), Scott Stokes (GEOL), Megan R. M. Brown (NIU), Cameron Chambers (GEOL)

SES-02. Towards a Quantification of Uncertainty in Magnetic Maps and Models - View Poster
Rick Saltus (CIRES), Arnaud Chulliat (CIRES), Brian Meyer (NOAA/NCEI), Martin Bates (Sander Geophysics)

SES-03. Mantle Thermochemical Variations beneath the Continental United States Through Petrologic Interpretation of Seismic Tomography - View Poster
William Shinevar (CIRES), Eva Golos (Brown University), Oliver Jagoutz (MIT), Mark D. Behn (Boston College), Robert Van der Hilst (MIT)

SES-05. Seismic Event Detection in Volcanic Regions using Machine Learning - View Poster
Tavishi Priyam, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder (), Elizabeth Bradley, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder and Santa Fe Institute (), Anne Sheehan, CIRES and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder (CIRES)

SES-06. Spatially Variable Elastic Crustal Deformation in Southwest Greenland - View Poster
Jasmine Hansen (CIRES), Michael Willis (CIRES), Joel Johnson (CIRES), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES)

SES-07. Comparison of Neural Network Architectures for Seismic Arrival Picks In Time-Series Waveform Data - View Poster
Rey Koki (), Anne Sheehan (CIRES), Liz Bradley ()

SES-08. Comparing DInSAR time series software and their compatibility with RMACC resources: MintPy and MSBASv3 - View Poster
Joel Johnson (CIRES), Kristy Tiampo (CIRES), Mike Willis (CIRES), Steve Nerem (CIRES), Eduard Heijkoop (CIRES)

SES-09. Encouraging Innovative Supplementary Data Gathering: The International Hydrographic Organization Crowdsourced Bathymetry Initiative - View Poster
Jessica Nation (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Georgianna Zelenak (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Jennifer Jencks (NOAA/NCEI), Christiane Reiser (NOAA/NCEI), John Cartwright (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI), Max Smith (CIRES,NOAA/NCEI)

SES-10. Induced Seismicity Mitigation Effects Captured in Earthquake Location Time Lapse
Enrique Chon (CIRES,Dept. of Geological Sciences, CU Boulder), Kyren R. Bogolub (Colorado Geological Survey), Anne F. Sheehan (CIRES,Dept. of Geological Sciences, CU Boulder)

Weather and Climate Dynamics Division

WCD-01. Integrated Remote and In-Situ Sensing (IRISS): Capabilities and Opportunities for Collaboration - View Poster
Additional Resources
Gijs de Boer (CIRES,NOAA/PSL,IRISS), Brian Argrow (IRISS/Aerospace Engineering), Eric Frew (IRISS/Aerospace Engineering), Steve Borenstein (IRISS/Aerospace Engineering), Laura Clayton (IRISS/Aerospace Engineering)

WCD-02. A moderately coupled land data assimilation method (MCLDA) used in the NOAA Operational Weather Prediction Models - RAP and HRRR - View Poster
Additional Resources
Tatiana G. Smirnova (CIRES), Stan Benjamin (NOAA/GSL), Eric James (CIRES), Ming Hu (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-03. An hourly wildfire potential index for predicting sub-daily fire activity based on rapidly-updating convection-allowing model forecasts - View Poster
Eric James (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Johana Romero-Alvarez (CIRES,NOAA/GSL)

WCD-04. Confronting the low summer CAPE behavior in GFSv16 - View Poster
Xia Sun (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Dom Heinzeller (NCAR/UCAR), Linlin Pan (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ligia Bernardet (NOAA/GSL), John Brown (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-05. Ground-based remote sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer in the East River Valley in the Colorado Mountains during SPLASH - View Poster
Bianca Adler (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Laura Bianco (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Irina Djalalova (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Timothy Myers (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), James Wilczak (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-06. Tropical Dynamics Diagnostics for Numerical Weather Prediction - View Poster
Maria Gehne (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Brandon Wolding (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Juliana Dias (NOAA/PSL), George Kiladis (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-07. An Optimal Precursor of Northeast Pacific Marine Heatwaves and Central Pacific El Niño events - View Poster
Antonietta Capotondi (CIRES), Matthew Newman (CIRES), Tongtong Xu (NOAA/PSL), Emanuele Di Lorenzo (Georgia Institute of Technology)

WCD-08. Deriving Fire Radiative Power (FRP) with Weather Model Variables and Satellite FRP using Random Forest (RF) Models - View Poster
Christina Kumler (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Jebb Q. Stewart (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-09. Unraveling forced responses of extreme El Nino variability over the Holocene - View Poster
Allison Lawman (CIRES), Pedro Di Nezio (University of Colorado Boulder), Judson Partin (University of Texas at Austin Institute for Geophysics), Sylvia Dee (Rice University), Kaustubh Thirumalai (University of Arizona), Terrence Quinn (University of Texas at Austin Institute for Geophysics)

WCD-10. Impact of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on Low-Level Cloudiness and Mesoscale Organization of Trade Wind Cumulus in the Northwestern Atlantic - View Poster
Xuanyu Chen (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Juliana Dias (NOAA/PSL), Robert Pincus (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Charlotte DeMott (Colorado State University), Brandon Wolding (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Gary Wick (NOAA/PSL), Elizabeth J. Thompson (NOAA/PSL), Chris Fairall (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-11. Process-level differences between two PBL schemes used in NOAA’s GFS model - View Poster
Evelyn Grell (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Jian-Wen Bao (NOAA/PSL), Sara Michelson (CIRES,NOAA/PSL)

WCD-12. Overlapping Windows in a Global Hourly Data Assimilation System - View Poster
Laura C. Slivinski (CIRES,NOAA/PSL)

WCD-14. Cloud Analysis Studies in the Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS) and the Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) - View Poster
Craig Hartsough - NOAA Affiliate (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Terra Ladwig - NOAA Affiliate (NOAA/GSL), Ming Hu - NOAA Affiliate (NOAA/GSL), Guoqing Ge - NOAA Affiliate (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Eric James - NOAA Affiliate (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Stephen Weygandt - NOAA Federal (NOAA/GSL), Stan Benjamin - NOAA Federal (NOAA/GSL), Curtis Alexander - NOAA Affiliate (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-15. The Unified Forecast System (UFS) Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application and Workflow - View Poster
Additional Resources
Gerard Ketefian (CIRES,NOAA/GSL,DTC), Jeff Beck (NOAA/GSL,CIRA, DTC), Jamie K. Wolff (NCAR/UCAR), Michael K. Kavulich, Jr. (NCAR/UCAR), Julie Schramm (NCAR/UCAR), Laurie Carson (NCAR/UCAR), Todd Arbetter (NCAR/UCAR), Christina R. Holt (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Linlin Pan (CIRES,NOAA/GSL,DTC), Curtis R. Alexander (NOAA/GSL), Chan-Hoo Jeon (NOAA/EMC), Jacob R. Carley (NOAA/EMC)

WCD-16. What do SMILEs tell us about ENSO projections? - View Poster
Nicola Maher (CIRES), Robert Jnglin Wills (University of Washington), Pedro DiNezio (CU Boulder), Jeremy Klavans (CU Boulder), Sebastian Milinski (NCAR/UCAR), Sara Sanchez (CU Boulder), Samantha Stevenson (UC Santa Barbara), Malte Stuecker (University of Hawaii ), Xian Wu (NCAR/UCAR)

WCD-17. The spring minimum in subseasonal 2-meter temperature forecast skill over North America - View Poster
Melissa L. Breeden (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), John R. Albers (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Amy H. Butler (NOAA/CSL), Matthew Newman (CIRES,NOAA/PSL)

WCD-18. Examining how the spread in the High Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble translates into National Water Model streamflow forecasts - View Poster
Janice Bytheway (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), William R. Currier (NOAA/PSL), Rob Cifelli (NOAA/PSL), Kelly Mahoney (NOAA/PSL), Mimi Hughes (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-19. Predictability Considerations of the 10 August 2020 Midwest Derecho - View Poster
Jeff Duda (CIRES)

WCD-20. Impacts of machine learning for selective data thinning in data assimilation - View Poster
Kirana Bergstrom (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Christina Kumler (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Jebb Q. Stewart (NOAA/GSL), Isidora Jankov (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-22. Evaluation and guidance development of HAFS version A QPF over the Caribbean and surrounding regions. - View Poster
Matthew Green (CIRES,NOAA/WPC), Bruce Veenhuis (NOAA/WPC), James Nelson (NOAA/WPC), Michael Erickson (CIRES,NOAA/WPC)

WCD-23. Generation of calibrated Weeks 3-4 precipitation accumulation forecasts using machine learning techniques - View Poster
Rochelle Worsnop (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), Thomas Hamill (NOAA/PSL), Michael Scheuerer (Norwegian Computing Center)

WCD-24. Understanding the impact of natural meteorological co-variability on the radiative responses of shallow marine clouds from diurnal to decadal timescales - View Poster
Xiaoli Zhou (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Graham Feingold (CIRES,NOAA/CSL)

WCD-25. Future of Fire: Modeling Fires on Unusual Size - View Poster
Jilmarie Stephens (CIRES,NC CASC), Ty Tuff (CIRES), Adam Mahood (CIRES), Virginia Iglesias (CIRES), Imtiaz Rangwala (CIRES,NC CASC), Jane Wolken (NC CASC), Jennifer Balch (CIRES,NC CASC)

WCD-26. High-Resolution Smoke Simulation within NOAA's Rapid-Refresh Forecasting System: Verification for the 2019 Fire Season - View Poster
Johana Romero-Alvarez (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ravan Ahmadov (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Haiqin Li (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Eric James (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Barry Baker (NOAA/GSL), Samuel Trahan (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Joseph Olson (NOAA/GSL), Jordan Schnell (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Ming Hu (NOAA/GSL), Siyuan Wang (CIRES,NOAA/GSL), Shobha Kondragunta (NOAA Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division), Jianping Huang (NOAA/NWS National Centers for Environment Prediction), Xiaoyang Zhang (Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, Department of Geography & Geospatial Sciences, South Dakota State University), Fangjun Li (Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, Department of Geography & Geospatial Sciences, South Dakota State University), George Grell (NOAA/GSL)

WCD-27. The response of the North Pacific jet and stratosphere-to-troposphere mass transport over western North America to RCP8.5 climate forcing - View Poster
Dillon Elsbury (CIRES,NOAA/CSL), Amy Butler (NOAA/CSL), Melissa Breeden (CIRES,NOAA/PSL), John Albers (CIRES,NOAA/PSL)

WCD-28. Ocean Web-based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tools (WRIT) - View Poster
Additional Resources
Catherine Smith (NOAA/PSL), Don Hooper (NOAA/PSL), Gilbert P. Compo (NOAA/PSL), Matthew Newman (NOAA/PSL), Michael Alexander (NOAA/PSL), Chia-Wei Hsu (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-29. Development of a Discontinuous Galerkin Ionosphere-Plasmasphere Model - View Poster
Houjun Wang (CIRES)

WCD-30. Quantile Mapping Using GEFSv12 Reforecasts for improving Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasts - View Poster
Diana R. Stovern (CIRES), Thomas H. Hamill (NOAA/PSL)

WCD-31. Intense Rainfall and Flash Flood Reports Page - View Poster
William Diment (CIRES), Michael Erickson (CIRES,NOAA/WPC), James Nelson (CIRES,NOAA/WPC), Mark Klein (CIRES,NOAA/WPC)

Western Water Assessment

WWA-01. Interactive Web Application Platform for Projecting Climate and Drought Metrics into the 21st Century - View Poster
Samba Siva Sai Prasad Thota (CIRES,NC CASC), Imtiaz Rangwala (CIRES,NC CASC and WWA)

WWA-02. Snowtography: Snowpack & Soil Moisture Monitoring Handbook - View Poster
Additional Resources
Elizabeth Payton (CIRES), Joel Biederman (USDA-ARS), Marcos Robles (The Nature Conservancy)

WWA-03. Utah Hazard Planning Tool - View Poster
Seth Arens (CIRES,Western Water Assessment)

WWA-04. Western Water Assessment: The Coming Five Years - View Poster
Benét Duncan (CIRES), Ben Livneh (CIRES)

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