Rendezvous 2024

CIRES Poster Printing

When it comes to printing a poster in CIRES, CIRES IT will be happy to assist you in printing your poster.
Please note: Maximum poster width is 4 feet.

CIRES IT Assisted Printing

Starting this year, all Rendezvous poster printing will be completed through the Rendezvous Poster upload in InsideCIRES.

Starting April 24, you can log into and click "Poster Submission" under the Rendezvous Poster Upload application on your Dashboard.
You will be prompted to upload your poster as a PDF and if you would like to have it printed. Simply select Yes, and provide a speedtype and CIRES IT will send a ticket confirmation to your email and get it printed as quickly as possible. Once the poster is printed we will notify you of its completion.

Please note we make our best effort to have ink and paper available during the weeks prior to Rendezvous, however sometimes we do run out and the printer may become unavailable. This service is also provided on a first-come first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee a poster will be printed in under three business days.

Only CIRES Employees are eligible to print to the CIRES poster printer.